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BANGALLWORKS has been established to serve the community’s workforce. Given the picturesque charm of the circa 1867 building in the historic hamlet of Bangall with frontage on Hunn’s Lake Creek, BANGALLWORKS is also an ideal boutique venue for special events. Our space accommodates 50 + guests and is perfect for location shoots, parties and other social events. It is available weekday evenings from 6PM to 9PM; Saturdays from 10AM to Midnight and Sunday from 10AM to 9PM.

The space includes:

•    2500 SF main floor with high ceilings
     and clerestory windows
•    Highly visible storefront at the

      intersection of two well travelled

      Dutchess County roads
•    Tables, lengthy bar and stool seating
•    Kitchenette with sink, microwave
      and refrigerator
•    Cosy gas fireplace
•    Heating and A/C [coming soon]
•    [2] bathroom facilities
•    Wooded rear yard with over 200' of
      creek frontage


In order to expand the offering and use of the building we are happy to make space available for appropriate community events and classes. Check our calendar for special gatherings, yoga classes, guided meditation, historical and educational sessions, musical ensembles, Bangall secret society meetings and more. 

Please feel free to reach out to to make proposals of your own.

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